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Commitment. Reliability. Trust. 

Commitment. Reliability. Trust 

Cook Properties is a family owned and operated real estate management and development company. We own and manage 200,000+ square feet of commercial, retail, office space, 2000 self-storage units, and 20 mobile home parks with 2,500 plus pads.

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"Great landlord and beautiful homes. Best place I've lived in my life and I recommend you to anyone looking for a place that asks" ~ Sabrina Mosher
 "I am so grateful to work with such an amazing team of people!!!" ~ Tina Close
 "Cook Properties is the best" ~ Don Pitcher
"So great you guys get to work together and congrats on all you have achieved thus far!" ~ Brad Thyroff 
"It is a pleasure working with you!" ~ Steve Soja 
"Thank you!  We are over-the-moon over our new windows. Thank you for investing in them. We know it's a big commitment but it is so appreciated!" ~ Tracy  

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Learn How You Can Start Investing in a Mobile Home Park

October 16, 2020

Source: The College Investor, by Robert Farrington. When most people think of real estate investing, single-family homes or apartment buildings come to mind, which means dealing with tenants and contractors on a daily basis. The latter puts off many would-be investors as does the high cost of entry. There is an alternative that is fairly…

Mobile home parks are contrarian: they go up when the economy goes down

October 12, 2020

The primary trait of any “doomsday” investment is the fact that it gets better as things get worse. In the Great Depression of 1930, investors quickly found that only two things had value: necessities and vices. Everything else was basically worthless. That’s why St. Louis had the tag line “first in shoes and first in…

Meet Our Newest Team Members

October 8, 2020

Cook Properties is growing, and to help us with our growing business, we’ve added some new members to the Cook Properties team. Please help us welcome new Property Managers Katie Inkin, Katie Simmons and Katelyn Durham. They join the team with extensive experience and we are happy to have them with us! We’ve also added…

Cook Properties Acquires 488 pad mobile home park portfolio in Rochester MSA

September 28, 2020

On September 17, Cook Properties acquired the interests in a four park portfolio consisting of 488 pads in the Rochester NY MSA. The four parks are located in the towns of Canandaigua, Farmington, and Batavia. “We are very excited about this purchase. The properties have been professionally managed for years but there is still upside…

Five Tips For First-Time Real Estate Investors Seeking Financial Freedom

September 18, 2020

Source: Eric MartelForbes Councils MemberForbes Real Estate Council Eric is real estate investor and founder of MartelTurnkey. MartelTurnkey sells rental properties to investors looking for passive income. The Covid-19 pandemic has left millions of people stressed over their finances. The unemployment claims have passed 40 million as more people find themselves in need of assistance. The challenges brought…

Three Questions To Ask Before Investing In Property Technology

August 13, 2020

Prasan Kale Forbes Councils In real estate, we often hear clever marketing that touts how technology can benefit a building. While it’s often the case that technology has numerous perks, when it comes to investing in technology for your property, those benefits are usually measured one way: impact to profitability. I don’t say this to…

8 Monday Rituals to Get Your Week Started Right

August 3, 2020

These easy weekly rituals will help you ease into your Monday and make your week awesome. BY PETER GASCA, ENTREPRENEUR, Do the beginning of your weeks often give you a depressing case of the Mondays? It doesn’t matter whether you own your business or work in a large corporation, Monday mornings–especially after a long weekend–are often a huge…

Why mobile home parks are the right alternative investment for retirement

July 21, 2020

On the surface, MHPs may not look like the type of real estate you’d want to invest in, but when you look deeper, you’ll find several remarkable qualities that make them perfect for retirement portfolios. Here’s why investors love MHPs: High demandDemand for mobile homes has never been higher, as baby boomers retire and people…

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