Commitment. Reliability. Trust. 

Commitment. Reliability. Trust 

Cook Properties is a family owned and operated real estate management and development company. We own and manage 200,000+ square feet of commercial, retail, office space, 2000 self-storage units, and 20 mobile home parks with 2,500 plus pads.

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"Great landlord and beautiful homes. Best place I've lived in my life and I recommend you to anyone looking for a place that asks" ~ Sabrina Mosher
 "I am so grateful to work with such an amazing team of people!!!" ~ Tina Close
 "Cook Properties is the best" ~ Don Pitcher
"So great you guys get to work together and congrats on all you have achieved thus far!" ~ Brad Thyroff 
"It is a pleasure working with you!" ~ Steve Soja 
"Thank you!  We are over-the-moon over our new windows. Thank you for investing in them. We know it's a big commitment but it is so appreciated!" ~ Tracy  

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10 Amazing, Fun, Quirky, And Interesting Mobile Home Facts

March 3, 2021

It comes as no surprise that mobile homes are growing in popularity. They’re an affordable housing option for many American families. In honor of the viability of mobile home housing and investment opportunities, here’s a list of all kinds of mobile home facts. 1 – Mobile homes supersede national borders First, on our list, we…

Benefits of Investing in Mobile Home Parks

February 24, 2021

Investing in mobile home parks could be your most profitable investment outlet in today’s market.  In a suffering economy, finding a lucrative investment is essential.  While real estate is generally thought to be a solid investment, there are not a lot of homes being purchased.  In the current state of our economy, more people are…

Is Manufactured Housing a Good Investment Opportunity?

February 19, 2021

Did you know that 22 million people in the U.S. live in manufactured homes? Manufactured housing ranks among the country’s largest sources of unsubsidized affordable housing. Boasting lower costs per unit, less tenant turnover and decreased competition among investors, manufactured housing can offer investors viable investment opportunities. As investors seek avenues for diversifying their portfolios,…

Why Mobile Home Parks are Getting So Much Attention

February 4, 2021

Supply & Demand The demand for affordable housing is arguably the highest need in the real estate sector in 2020. In 2018, 38.1 million people lived in poverty in the U.S., which is a poverty rate of 11.8 percent. Low income was calculated as 200 percent of the poverty rate—those numbers too are daunting. No matter…

Investing in Self-Storage Facilities

January 29, 2021

SELF-STORAGE BUSINESSES  Commercial real estate is made up of several different kinds of property types. In this article we look at self-storage facilities, a fast-growing sector that has taken advantage of a growing market of persons needing to store excess household items.  Self-storage businesses offer space-strapped customers a secure place in which to store things they…


January 13, 2021

There is a growing demand for low rent housing opportunities. No matter the cycle of the economy, there will always be a market and need for affordable housing options. Currently there are over 60 million people earning a household income under $20,000 and based off the government’s suggested ratio of income to housing costs, this…

5 tips for getting started in property investment

January 8, 2021

By: Tony Rigby 1. Know your budget Before investing in property it’s vital to have a thorough understanding of your cash flow. Also, ask your bank for a pre-approval of your investment loan, so you know how much you’re able to borrow before you start hunting for properties. 2. Buy in a growth area Try to…

6 Common Myths That Can Derail Self-Storage Investing Success

January 6, 2021

By: Ryan Clark The self-storage asset class offers investors many advantages, but belief in common misperceptions can inhibit success. Here are six common investment myths of which you should be aware. Self-storage has been among the most steadily growing U.S. industries for more than 40 years, and its expansion is predicted to continue through the…

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